Graham Mollard was born in Liverpool in 1946. He attended Cardiff College of Art achieving a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture in 1968 and a PGCE in Education in 1969. Since then he has had a very varied working life between two disciplines; sculpture and extreme activities where he operates as a qualified professional in Caving, Rock Climbing, Canyoning, Mountaineering and Via Ferratas.


    His working life has taken him from the head of an outdoor centre, teaching at Manchester Business School, taking many service industries through quality assurance, to working with children with serious behavioural problems.


    G.N.M. Miniatures was founded by Graham in 1985. He had always had an interest in military miniatures, collecting and painting Greenwood and Ball, Tradition and Al Charles’ figures throughout his teenage years. He began producing Napoleonic chess sets in 1985 and quickly progressed onto mounted military figures.


    Graham uses the old French figure production technique of building on a lead dolly with sheet pewter and solder to produce his ‘masters’. Casting once took place on the kitchen stove from silicone two piece moulds, it is now all done centrifugally producing multiple pieces which are then soldered together. Flags are a brass sheet with all insignia hand painted, Graham does not use transfers as other manufacturers do. Graham is the driving force behind G.N.M Miniatures. He produces the masters, does all the assembly of the figures and all the painting.

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